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Welcome to the BLOOMYY-facial gymnastik-Center

Basic exercises are available as an app and on DVD.

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Get the tension of the face back with Bloomyy facial gymnastics

Vortrag Kurs

Bloomyy revital coach Uta BaranovskyyBloomyy revital coach Uta Baranovskyy

Since 2014, Uta Baranovskyy, born in 1954, teaches courses and seminars for facial gymnastics, orgymnastic exercises and physical energy in Berlin.

At the age of 55, she discovered that her face could be redesigned. She developed the exercises herself.

In her courses she shows practical exercises and gives many tips. Its aim is the revitalization of the organism.

UB 2010 2016

Uta Baranovskyy from 55 to 62 years, trained with Bloomyy revital gymnastics

  Bloomyy-facial-Gymnastics also rejuvenates your face!



Logo_nora_highApp Bloomyy facial gymnastics

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The app includes 23 successful exercises, each 5-7 minutes, more than 2 hours of revitalizing training. Under the button „My exercises“, there are three free exercises for downloading.

 Just download it at the App Store / Play Store and start rejuvenating!

The app Bloomyy on the phone

 Installation and use

App Bloomyy auf Handy 00App Bloomyy auf Handy 01App Bloomyy auf Handy 02Look for Bloomyy in the Playstore or App Store and install the app.

Under „My Exercises“ download three videos for free.

20 more exercises can be purchased.


App Bloomyy auf Handy 03App Bloomyy auf Handy 04App Bloomyy auf Handy 05All purchased exercises are available under the button „My exercises“. Download after purchase.

Here the facial gymnastics exercise „tongue“ is opened. Each exercise can be stopped and continued as desired.

Of course, the exercises can also be viewed in broad format.

A little story about the younger look with „Bloomyy“ facial gymnastics

Uta Baranovskyy 2010 2017

Seven years in between


Watch a nice video that tells the story.


Exercises also as DVD


BLOOMYY exercises and effects

SchiffIn general, any BLOOMYY exercise by means of contraction and stretching will promote blood circulation.

With each exercise, the blood vessels are stabilized, the nerves activated, the glands stimulated, the connective tissue is stimulated to solidify. The brain then provides the necessary energy and substances ready for construction.

Each BLOOMYY exercise is a good revital force. All exercises together are a great force flow.