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Bloomyytraining online course

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Start now and choose your own daily rejuvenation course from 20 hours of content, 50 individual exercises of approx. 7 min each, 8 course hours and many video tips.

In the video above I show in detail what you will find and get in the Bloomyytraining online course and how you can register and then log in.

Bloomyytraining is aimed at all women and men who want to stop the aging process and possibly turn it back. Bloomyytraining offers you the opportunity to perform the facial and rejuvenating gymnastics of Bloomyy founder Uta Baranovskyy, which has been tried and tested for years, anytime and anywhere, individually from home or on the go. Internet connection required.

The online course fee is $ 10. Can be canceled monthly. You can also book the course semi-annually for $ 55 or annually for $ 100. You decide that during the booking process. The contract is concluded with my online shop Digistore24.

You can choose from over 50 exercises for the face, head and body – see overview below.

Almost all exercises are performed personally by Uta Baranovskyy.

The exercises are between 5 to 15 minutes long and divided into different categories. You have a simple overview and can quickly access the desired exercise. The exercises are easy to integrate into everyday life.

Furthermore, there are numerous 45-minute exercise recommendations available for specific subject areas, such as Hatchback, eyesight, hair, back, neck / cleavage, digestion.

Many vividly illustrated video tips round off the topic of rejuvenation. Daily bloomy training provides a revitalization of the skin, face and all functional areas of the entire organism.

All Bloomyyan users can exchange ideas in a closed Facebook group. Uta Baranovskyy also gives tips on training and answers questions.

Bloomyytraining offers a visibly and noticeably younger life for a few minutes every day. Like hundreds of Bloomyy users, you will be able to confirm this statement very quickly.

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Basic exercises are available as an app 

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The Bloomyy method

Vortrag Kurs

Bloomyy revital coach Uta BaranovskyyBloomyy revital coach Uta Baranovskyy

Since 2014, Uta Baranovskyy, born in 1954, teaches courses and seminars for facial gymnastics, orgymnastic exercises and physical energy in Berlin.

At the age of 55, she discovered that her face could be redesigned. She developed the exercises herself.

In her courses she shows practical exercises and gives many tips. Its aim is the revitalization of the organism.

  Bloomyy-facial-Gymnastics also rejuvenates your face!


BLOOMYY exercises and effects

SchiffIn general, any BLOOMYY exercise by means of contraction and stretching will promote blood circulation.

With each exercise, the blood vessels are stabilized, the nerves activated, the glands stimulated, the connective tissue is stimulated to solidify. The brain then provides the necessary energy and substances ready for construction.

Each BLOOMYY exercise is a good revital force. All exercises together are a great force flow.